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NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board

NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board

  • NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board
  • NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board
NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board
Product Details:
Place of Origin: FI / CN
Brand Name: ABB
Certification: CE
Model Number: NGDR-07C
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Contact us
Packaging Details: New Original Box
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50
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Detailed Product Description
Model: NGDR-07C Condition: NEW ORGINAL
Brand: ABB Used For: ACS800
Stock: 10pcs Product Name: Drive Control Board

NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board




Product Name ABB Trigger board of frequency converter NGDR-07C 68980127B
Item NO. 867183
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Brand ABB
Creation Time 2020-05-26


General description


The OP07 has very low input offset voltage (75 μV maximum for OP07E) that is obtained by trimming at the wafer stage. These low offset voltages generally eliminate any need for external nulling. The OP07 also features low input bias current (±4 nA for the OP07E) and high open-loop gain (200 V/mV for the OP07E). The low offset and high open-loop gain make the OP07 particularly useful for high gain instrumentation applications. PIN CONFIGURATION VOS TRIM 1 8 VOS TRIM –IN 2 7 V+ +IN 3 6 OUT V– 4 5 NC OP07 NC = NO CONNECT 00316-001 Figure 1. The wide input voltage range of ±13 V minimum combined with a high CMRR of 106 dB (OP07E) and high input impedance provide high accuracy in the noninverting circuit configuration. Excellent linearity and gain accuracy can be maintained even at high closed-loop gains. Stability of offsets and gain with time or variations in temperature is excellent. The accuracy and stability of the OP07, even at high gain, combined with the freedom from external nulling have made the OP07 an industry standard for instrumentation applications. The OP07 is available in two standard performance grades. The OP07E is specified for operation over the 0°C to 70°C range, and the OP07C is specified over the −40°C to +85°C temperature range. The OP07 is available in epoxy 8-lead PDIP and 8-lead narrow SOIC packages. For CERDIP and TO-99 packages and standard microcircuit drawing (SMD) versions, see the OP77.


ABB Spare Parts:


Brand Model No. Product ID
ABB RDCO-03 64379186
ABB RMBA-01 64379208
ABB RINT5211 64379071
ABB RDCO-02 64492411
ABB RLON-01 64379259
ABB RTAC-01 64379194
ABB RINT5311 64525204
ABB RDCO-01 64492403
ABB RDCO-01C 64492438
ABB RDCO-02C 64492454
ABB RAIO-01 64379224
ABB RB2C-225/088 K093 64391615
ABB FS450R12KE3/AGDR-61 SP 64635859
ABB RH35M-4EK.2F.1R 64391658
ABB TD162N16KOF KIT 64642570
ABB LF 1005-S/SP16 64572881
ABB NRFC-752 64578626
ABB SKKH 72/16E KIT 64605585
ABB ABRC-01 64533282
ABB FF150R12KE3G KIT 64640453
ABB ABRC-01C 64605135
ABB AINT-01C 64605640
ABB RVAR5611 64614398
ABB RBUB5611C 64589725
ABB TD180N16KOF 3 PCS SP KIT 64635255
ABB ATRA5230 64444301
ABB SKN20/12 64528556
ABB APOW-01C 64605666
ABB ACS800 R7 64523937
ABB APOW-01 64493663
ABB RINT6611 64583085
ABB ACS800 R7 64526090
ABB RRFC5611 64614347
ABB SKKH500/16E KIT 64635298
ABB AINT-01 64443593
ABB ALS30C1023NP 4700UF 400VDC 64624920
ABB FF200R12KE3G KIT 64640488
ABB DV6224 64627929
ABB AIBP-51 64517538
ABB ALS30C1024NP 64625373
ABB FF300R12KE3G KIT 64640496
ABB RRFC5621 64614371
ABB B43586-S9418-Q1 64410512
ABB ATRA5460 64552988
ABB SKKH330/16E KIT 64635263
ABB NCNA-01 64451634
ABB FS450R12KE3/AGDR-61C SP 64635875
ABB AINP-01 6 4530275
ABB AINP-01C 64 605658
ABB FS300R12KE3/AGDR-61C SP 64635867
ABB FNQ-R-3 64585568
ABB RINT6512 64675834
ABB RRFC5513 64702335
ABB SKKH 250/18E 64783793
ABB RMIO-02/ADPI-01 64658956
ABB ALS30A1362KJ 64633422
ABB BSM75GD170DL SP 64703137
ABB RPLC-005C 64658930
ABB A300-30-22-84 64430866
ABB RINT6411C 6 4646940
ABB ALS30C1022NP 64633431
ABB SKKH500/18E 3 PCSSP KIT 64783815
ABB SKD116/18-L75 64703421
ABB BTRA5500 64634992
ABB FS300R17KE3/AGDR-66C 64717839
ABB RVAR6612 64715011
ABB RINT6621 64690680
ABB FF300R17KE3 3PCS KIT 64784901
ABB RINT6621C 64690698
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-62C 64781812
ABB SKKH330/18E 3 PCS SP KIT 64783807
ABB TD140N18KOF 3 PCS SP KIT 64677004
ABB SKN20/16 64528564
ABB RCNA-01 51671
ABB RRFC6622 64714988
ABB RINT6411 64646931
ABB RRFC5521 64582160
ABB ATRA6230 64553003
ABB AIBP-61 64574612
ABB AF580-30-22-70 64399756
ABB AF750-30-22-70 64399772
ABB ATRA6460 64553011
ABB RVAR5512 64698001
ABB RINT2311 64726064
ABB RINT6512C 64675842
ABB SKM145GB174DN KIT 64703102
ABB RCHO5625 64697072
ABB A145-30-22-84 64593757
ABB RINT5513C 6 4696262
ABB A210-30-22-80 64399721
ABB SKM145GAL174DN 64680358
ABB MKP C4BSWBX3470ZA0J 64435001
ABB RRFC6641 64705971
ABB OESA 250 DV12PL 64581791
ABB RVAR5612 64714996
ABB OINT5611 64733231
ABB TD162N16KOF 64642456
ABB FF150R12KE3G 64624768
ABB FF300R12KE3 64624873
ABB OINT5511 64691406
ABB OITF-01 64692321
ABB TD180N16KOF 64522264
ABB SKKH 500/16E 64407392
ABB 64627911B BA427R 1,6KJ  
ABB OREL-01 234  
ABB OFAA2GG315 64729551
ABB AINT-12C 64715810
ABB FF300R17KE3 64780620
ABB SKKH330/18E 64407422
ABB TD140N18KOF 64522400
ABB SKKH500/18E 64663089
ABB RPMP-03 KIT 64684451
ABB 500NH3G-690 (OFAA3GG500) 64729632
ABB FS225R12KE3/AGDR-61C SP KIT 68313198
ABB RH35M-4EK.2F.1R SPKIT 68249333
ABB ARFC-03 64550411
ABB LF 305-S/SP6 64516400
ABB RINT5411C 68262542
ABB RINT5211C 68262402
ABB RINT5311C 68262437
ABB RINT6411C 68262607
ABB 4712KL-05W-B40-PR1 68261465
ABB 2410ML-05W-B60-ER1 68261406
ABB ATRA6230 KIT 68257816
ABB ATRA5460 KIT 68257727
ABB RVAR6612 68260841
ABB ABRC-01C KIT 68258511
ABB ATRA6460 KIT 68257786
ABB RINT6512C 68262666
ABB BM6032PQ KIT 68262151
ABB S, -8202-1 KIT 68262178
ABB 2406KL-05W-B50-LXX 68261996
ABB DV6224U-VAR544 68261520
ABB 7114NHU-VAR148 68261490
ABB ATRA5230 KIT 68257832
ABB 160NH1G-690 160A 690V 64729331
ABB AIBP-61 KIT 68257921
ABB ACHO6810 KIT 68264740
ABB ACHO6820 KIT 68264782
ABB MDL-4 KIT 68262143
ABB BUSS 1976-2A KIT 68262160
ABB 4715MS-23T-B5A-D00SP 68279151
ABB 2410ML-05W-B60-D23 68261988
ABB RVAR5511 68260884
ABB RRFC5611 6826230


Some Communications Modules


Model No. Protocol Master or slave
CI853 COMLI and MODBUS RTU Master / Slave
CI855 ABB's MasterBus 300 Master
CI856 ABB's S100 I/O Master
CI857 ABB's INSUM Master
CI858 ABB's DriveBus Master
CI860 FOUNDATION Fieldbus HSE Master / Slave
CI865 ABB's Satt I/O Master
CI867 MODBUS TCP Master / Slave
CI868 IEC 61850 Master / Slave
CI869 ABB's Advant Fieldbus 100 Slave
CI873 EtherNet IP / DeviceNet Master
TB820V2 ABB's Modulebus Slave
TB825 (Multi Mode) ABB's Modulebus Slave
TB826 (Single Mode) ABB's Modulebus Slave
TB840A ABB's Modulebus Slave
TB842 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable
TU807 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable
TU840 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable
TU841 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable
TU846 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable
TU847 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable
TU848 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable
TU849 ABB's Modulebus Not Applicable



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NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board 0


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Company Introduction:


NEW ABB Trigger Board NGDR-07C 68980127B Inverter Driver Control Circuit Board 1

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