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140DRA84000 Schneider Redundancy Diode Module Modicon 16 Discrete Output

140DRA84000 Schneider Redundancy Diode Module Modicon 16 Discrete Output

  • 140DRA84000 Schneider Redundancy Diode Module Modicon 16 Discrete Output
  • 140DRA84000 Schneider Redundancy Diode Module Modicon 16 Discrete Output
  • 140DRA84000 Schneider Redundancy Diode Module Modicon 16 Discrete Output
140DRA84000 Schneider Redundancy Diode Module Modicon 16 Discrete Output
Product Details:
Place of Origin: France
Brand Name: Schndier
Model Number: 140DRA84000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negitiation
Packaging Details: in box
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Redundant Power Supply Module 140DRA84000 Product: Redundant Power Supply Module
Model: 140DRA84000 Brand: Modicon
Addressing Requirement:: 0.5output Word Redundant: 12
Discrete Output Number:: 8 Country Of Origin: France
High Light:

140DRA84000 redundancy diodes modules


140DRA84000 Schneider redundancy diode modules


140DRA84000 Modicon 16

Redundant Power Supply Module 140DRA84000 Schneider Modicon 16 Discrete Output




Specifications OF Redundant Power Supply Module  140DRA84000
Module Type Power Dissipation RFI Immunity
Weight 16 Normally Open RELAY pairs
UL 508, CSA 22.2-142, CE, FM Class 1 Div 2
2.0 lb (1 kg) Maximum
0 ... 60 degrees C (32 … 140 degrees F)
Ground Continuity
Agency Approvals
80 … 1000 MHz, 10 V/m (meets IEC 1000-4-3)
2 kV shield to ground
Storage Temperature -40 ... +85 degrees C (-40 … 185 degrees F)
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity 0 … 95% Non-condensing @ 60 degrees C
Electrostatic Discharge 8 kV air/4kV contact (meets IEC 1000-4-2)
Working Voltage 20…250VAC; 5…30VDC; 30….150VDC (reduced load)
Maximum surge current (per point) 10 A capacitive load @ τ = 10 ms
Off State Leakage < 100 µA
Channel to Channel Isolation
Response Time (resistive loads) 10 ms (max) OFF to ON, 20 ms (max) ON to OFF
Bus current required 1100 mA (max)
Switching Capability 500 VA resistive load
Relay Type Form A
Maximum Load Current
Each point
Each point (30 … 150 VDC)
2 A max at 250VAC or 30VDC @ 60 C ambient, resist load
1 A Tungsten lamp load
1 A @ a power factor of 0.4
1/8 hp @ 125/250 VAC
300 mA (resistive load)
100 mA (L/R = 10 msec)
Channel to Bus Isolation
1780 VAC rms for 1 minute
1780 VAC rms for 1 minute; 2500 VDC for 1 minute
Software Support Concept, ProWORX, Unity, ProWORX 32
IO Map 1 Output word
Mechanical Operations 10,000,000
5.5 W + (# of inputs ON X 0.5 W)
Minimum Load Current
Each point (30 …150 VDC)
50mA (Minimum load current if contact is used at rated
loads of 5 … 150 VDC or 20 … 250 VAC)
Derated to 0.5 A per point
Electrical Operations 200,000 (resistive load @ max voltage and current)
Electrical Operations
(30 to 150 VDC)
100,000 (300 mA resistive load)
50,000 (500 mA resistive load)
100,000 (100 mA L/R = 10 ms)




Yasakawa Motor, Driver SG- Mitsubishi Motor HC-,HA-
Westinghouse Modules 1C-,5X- Emerson VE-,KJ-
Honeywell TC-,TK- GE Modules IC -
ABB Module AB Module 1756-,1759- Tourch Screen 2711-
Mitsubishi Drive MR- , Motor HA -,HC Emerson MoudlesVE- ,KJ -
Fanuc motor A0-, Drive Yokogawa transmitter EJA-
Rosemount Transmitter 3051- Schneider Module 140-
Panasonic Motor , Drive MH- Siemens Module 6ES-, Touch Screen 6AV-



Frequenty Asked Questions of Redundant Power Supply Module 140DRA84000

What makes Industrial Trading the best source for the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 140DRC83000?
Industrial Trading is a service of WTL , an ISO 9001:2015-certified company that specializes in selling parts that are obsolete or hard to find. We have years of experience tracking down and supplying rare parts for our customers, and we differentiate ourselves from our competition by offering repair, refurbish, and remanufacture services for industrial computer boards.

Is the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 140DRA84000 rare?
Some of the parts on WTL can be very difficult to find. Many are no longer in production and have reached end-of-life status. Once your quote request has been received, WTLwill begin the process of locating for the 140DRA84000 . The pricing will be better if no one stirs up the market.

What does "stirring up the market" mean, and why should it be avoided?
Stirring up the market is what happens when many different suppliers are all contacted regarding the same part. It makes other suppliers believe the part is in much higher demand than it might actually be, resulting in raised prices and lower availability. In order to prevent this costly outcome,WTL highly recommends limiting the number of potential suppliers you reach out to for rare parts.

What happens after I receive the quote for the 140DRA84000 ?
Review the quote to make sure it meets your needs. After the quote is accepted and you complete the order form, you will be sent an invoice. It is important that you remit payment immediately after receiving your invoice as any delay could result in the 140DRC83000 being sold to another customer.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We also accept wire transfers and PayPal. Checks will only be accepted from customers in the USA. For large orders from repeat customers, terms may be granted pending qualification.

How will the 140DRA84000 be shipped to me?
We generally ship via FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, and we are more than happy to use your preferred carrier or account. We do ship to international (non-USA) customers, as well.

What is the estimated lead time for receiving the 140DRA84000 ?
The primary factor in lead time for the 140DRA84000 is availability. If we do not currently have the 140DRA84000 in our inventory, we will check with our trusted suppliers for stock. Services such as repair or refurbishment could affect lead time, as well.




NTPL01 PLC Programmable Logic Controlle TERMINATION UNIT no longer availabl 0





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140DRA84000 Schneider Redundancy Diode Module Modicon 16 Discrete Output 1









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